Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blood Letters Vendors Revealed!


Abiss Design

    Blue Balls / Animated Living

      Cheeky Pea


          [Cynful] Clothing & Co + CnS e-motions

            Deadpool Fashion

              Deluxe Body Factory



                    GlamRus Poses


                        Laudanum Lollipops

                          Lilith's Den


                              Maxi Gossamer

                                MiChIGaN's ShAcK


                                    Never Totally Dead...

                                      RACK Poses

                                        Razor ///



                                              Warm Animations

                                                [we're CLOSED]

                                                  X-Clusives Animations

                                                  Please note these vendors appear in alphabetical order and not the order that they will be released in the hunt.

                                                  Each vendor is supplying not one, but TWO prizes for this hunt - one you collect when you visit their store and one for all those that complete the hunt! 

                                                  Our best hunt yet, and our first adult hunt is going to be epic! 

                                                  Thank you to all the stores taking part!

                                                  Keep an eye out on our blog, facebook and in world MadPea's group for more information on Blood Letters. 

                                                  Saturday, October 18, 2014

                                                  ****NEW GROUP GIFT****

                                                  Hot on the tail of the MadPea 8000 watch comes another superb group gift for our lovely Peas!

                                                  This fabulous Pea in Captivity Unisex Necklace has been specially created and generously donated to us by Druidamus Rau and we are more than happy to share it with all of you. Make sure you have your MadPeas group tag active and head for the gifts section of the store. 

                                                  Thank you Druidamus and we hope you all enjoy! 

                                                  Grab yours at our Green Mire Sim today! 

                                                  Thursday, October 16, 2014

                                                  MadPea Mid Month Madness!

                                                   ☞ WHAT'S HOT NOW! 

                                                  Green Mire Sim

                                                  The Green Mire houses our MadPea main-store with brand new items and gacha!

                                                  However.. it wouldn't be just MadPea to have a location without a good mystery!

                                                  This location has a story to tell and much for you to try and figure out on your own. 10 years ago, young boys Tony Lamil and Skip Dares went missing at the Green Mire swamp. A reward is being offered for any information leading to the location and/or safe return of the boys.
                                                  By venturing into the swamp, you voluntarily discharge MadPea from any and all liability.  Including, but not limited to: mental damage, or actions of any kind which may hereafter occur to you including traveling to and from this event.
                                                  Green Mire is open until October 30th. 

                                                  Green Mire II - The Gathering Hunt

                                                  Two boys have been missing for ten years. They vanished into the swamp, without a trace. Now, strange lights and sounds have been observed over the Green Mire swamp, and the believers call out that aliens are returning. Others are skeptical. It's up to you to figure out what to believe, in a dangerous place where nothing is quite as it seems.
                                                  Choose your side, follow the path, the truth is out there. 

                                                  Join the grid-wide hunt! Open until October 30th.

                                                                            TP here to start the hunt


                                                  ☞  MadPea Satellite Stores


                                                  ☞ COMING SOON - BLOOD LETTERS
                                                  November 1 - 30, 2014

                                                  First ever Adult hunt from MadPea

                                                  Samantha "The Mantis" Mason, is an internationally infamous serial killer due to her particularly gruesome hobby. Seducing men and women alike, she lured them with the promise of fulfilling their lust, only to appease her own thirst for blood with these hapless pleasure-seekers.

                                                  Society breathed a collective sigh of relief when, after 8 brutal murders she was finally apprehended and brought to justice. However, a year after The Mantis was put behind bars murders have started occurring again, and the sadistic killer operates in a way that keeps everyone in fear. 

                                                  The players will take on the role of a Private Detective and get prepared to solve a grisly series of shocking murders to test the boundaries where eroticism meets morality. 


                                                  ☞ COMING SOON - CIRQUE DE SERAPHIM
                                                  November 6 - 26, 2014

                                                  MadPea is proud to sponsor Cirque de Seraphim, a sim-wide sales event featuring designers with new, circus-themed creations. The event is to benefit ASPCA, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  


                                                  ☞ COMING SOON - THE ARCADE
                                                  December 1 - 30, 2014


                                                  ☞ COMING SOON - THE WINTER MADNESS
                                                  December 1st

                                                  What would December be without a good old MadPea Advent Calendar! 
                                                  New sim coming with a new twist.. 


                                                  ☞ COMING SOON - Two new Satellite Stores
                                                  At Depraved Nation & Gutbucket


                                                  ☞ COMING SOON - UNIA
                                                  The ultimate Horror Survival game with elements never seen before in Second Life.

                                                  "We stop looking for monsters under the bed when we realize they are inside us."


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                                                  If you have any questions, please contact the following people: 

                                                  Kess Crystal -Marketing, Social Media & Flickr
                                                  Picole Bade - Sales & Gacha
                                                  Tichelle Teebrook - Hunts

                                                  Please note: We are not available for any kind of custom work.

                                                  Embrace the Madness! 

                                                  Monday, October 13, 2014

                                                  Green Mire II - The Comic Part 5

                                                  Starring: Kiana & David
                                                  Ruth Hamilton @ Chimeric Arts
                                                  Rita Hamilton @ Soul Designs

                                                  Stargazers Astronomers' set - Hunt gift from Roawenwood
                                                  Kiana & David's Tops - Hunt gift from [KRC] KalRaye's Confections

                                                  Saturday, October 11, 2014

                                                  MadPea 8000 Watch!

                                                  We're so excited to announce 
                                                  that our little green peapod has grown 
                                                  and we have over 
                                                  8000 MadPeas 
                                                  wandering on the grid!

                                                  Because we're watching you all.. 
                                                  we're giving you your very own and very special MadPea watch!

                                                  Not only does it come with all kinds of colours and tells the time 
                                                  (that's essential so you don't miss the hunts & games!)
                                                  - it will tell you if there are other watch wearers 
                                                  on the same region than you are! 
                                                  So you can go and do the secret Pea greeting... just saying! 

                                                  Come and grab yours HERE

                                                  Friday, October 10, 2014

                                                  Green Mire II - The Comic Part 4

                                                  Starring: Kiana & David
                                                  Missed meeting with wallet at MadPea @ R3volt 
                                                  Todd at Roawenwood
                                                  David Smith at ::Poised:: Urban Apparel
                                                  Andrew at Razor
                                                  Dead Jeffrey Windsor at 7mad;Ravens

                                                  Masks - Hunt gifts  from Boudoir 
                                                  Carnivorous Plant - Hunt gift from Botanical
                                                  Dead Astronaut avatar - Hunt gift from Mrs. & Mr. Bones
                                                  Alien bed -  Hunt gift from Never Totally Dead
                                                  Kiana & David's Outfits - Hunt gift from ::Poised:: Urban Apparel
                                                  Ascension Barn - Hunt gift from *~ by Nacht

                                                  Flickr Pic of the Week

                                                  For some time we've been choosing a photo from our Flickr Pool as a Flickr Pic of the Day. 

                                                  From today we're changing to a Flickr Pic of the Week and each week one pic will be chosen based on a theme. The Flickr Pic of the Week will be announced on Saturday mornings, The first one being on 18th October and we'll be choosing our favourite Green Mire II Hunt location pics. (not including the Green Mire sim)...any of the locations on the hunt itself can be used. 

                                                  Join our Flickr Group today at and start submitting pics! 

                                                  Good Luck and look out for some amazing pictures from your fellow Peas!